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21 Bloody Marys That Went Too Far

Sometimes it's unclear where the garnish ends and the buffet table begins.

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4. This Bloody Mary got cold and reached for a cheese blanket.


7. This Bloody Mary loves a good crawfish boil.

Dive in.


11. This Bloody Mary is always trying to one-up her friend.

After Thrillist caught wind of the Brewers Bloody Mary (#9, above), they challenged its creator, bartender Sarah Jayne Pickart, to outdo herself. And, she delivered. Garnishes are too plentiful to list here, but highlights include a triple decker fish sandwich—walleye, perch, and bluegill, which PIckart caught herself—a venison stick, and a bacon-wrapped jalpeño popper. Read more here.


12. This Bloody Mary is southern to the core.

There's no better way to wake up than biscuits, booze, and some chicken and waffles for good measure.

13. This Bloody Mary knows how to shotgun.

Chug, chug, chug, chug.


16. This Bloody Mary eats pizza for breakfast.

18. This Bloody Mary hooked up with pizza, a footlong sub, and another Bloody Mary at the same time.

Also fries, fried chicken, onion rings, and a whole lot of other stuff. It was created (well, assembled) by comedian Randy Liedtke, and you can read the details here.

20. This Bloody Mary is obviously from England.

The whole 'beans on toast' thing never quite made it on this side of the pond.