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Everything You Need To Know About Lighting A Charcoal Grill

It's not hard, but it ain't exactly intuitive.

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Lighting a charcoal grill can be daunting, but it's actually pretty straightforward.


4. Use a lighter or a match to light the newspaper.

Victor Tatum / BuzzFeed

The newspaper will catch fire quickly and eventually the coals will catch, too. Make sure you light the newspaper at the bottom, because heat rises.

7. When the coals are hot, make sure the top grill grate is off and dump the coals on top of the bottom grate.

Victor Tatum / BuzzFeed

If you want even heat all over the grill, spread the coals out evenly. If you want a hot side and a warm side of the grill, only pile the coals on one side.

Pouring the coals over the bottom grate instead of just directly into the bottom of the grill is important. It gets them closer to the food, meaning more direct heat. It also makes is much easier to get the used coals out of the grill later.