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7 Quick Tips For Anyone Trying To Eat Healthier

Extreme willpower not required.

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2. Another thing muffin tins are good for? Mini meatloaf cups that are super easy to pack in a lunch box.

You can use pretty much any meatloaf recipe, as long as you adjust the cooking time (they'll cook faster in muffin tins than they will in a big pan). The ones above are made with turkey and filled with sun dried tomatoes, basil, and lots of mozzarella. Recipe here.

3. Hard-boiled eggs are cheap, healthy, and easy, but they can get boring. Serve them on toast with a little bit of butter to make things more exciting.

Sure, you could just eat fried eggs on toast, but sometimes you don't have the time (or the stovetop) to cook. Make a bunch of hard-boiled eggs one day, then eat them as snacks throughout the week. Lindsay even spread miso butter on her toast to make things feel extra fancy.


6. Up your smoothie game by adding Greek yogurt and sweetening with just whole fruit, instead of honey or juice.

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This smoothie has 31g protein and no sweeteners besides pomegranate seeds and a blood orange. Recipe here.