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Jan 17, 2016

7 Healthy Eating Tricks That Are Actually Realistic

Healthy food can be totally cozy when done right.

1. Add a couple of healthy, one-pan dinners to your arsenal for days when you don't want to make dinner a big production but leftovers just won't do.

Here are 19 easy salmon dinners and 27 stress-free chicken dinners you can make in a single pot or pan.

2. Kick your cooking up a notch without adding any extra sugar or fat by sprinkling in your own DIY spice blend.

Spices add flavor, and more flavorful food = more DELICIOUS food. Sure, you can use store bought spice blends or individual spices, but making your own allows you to customize. Learn more here.

3. Learn to make the perfect omelette.

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Sure, there's a pretty hefty amount of butter involved, but a classic french omelette is a hearty, delicious way to start a weekend morning, and it won't lead to a sugar crash that leads you reaching for a snack an hour later. Recipe here.

4. If you're doing some kind of healthy food challenge this January, planning your meals ahead of time will make things easier.

Whether you've committed to a specific plan or just a healthier diet, you're probably trying to eat more real food in sensible portions, and less junk. If you haven't heard of Whole30, it's a 30-day plan that emphasizes whole, healthy foods, and it's one of the most popular diet "resets" around. Here are some great make-ahead ideas for the Whole30.

5. When in doubt, make sure your plate is filled with fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors.

6. Want to try out vegetable "pasta" but not ready to invest in a spiralizer? Try Hungryroot, a line of pre-made veggie noodles.

The company offers a huge variety of vegetable noodles including beets, sweet potatoes, and rutabaga, plus chickpea-based pancake and cookie dough batters and other healthy treats. Order here.

7. Chilly weather means you're probably craving chili for dinner. Here's how to make it a little healthier.

Done right, chili is a hearty, filling mix of protein, fiber-filled beans, and loads of veggies. Here's how to keep it healthy.