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    21 Halloween Party Snacks That Are Pretty Darn Clever

    The best way to face your fears is to just eat them.

    1. Harvest Hash Chex Mix

    2. Spooky Spider Eggs

    3. Pumpkin Cheese Balls

    4. Candy Corn Cheese Wedges

    5. Monster Mucus

    6. Guacamole From a Pumpkin.

    7. Halloween Coffin Dip

    8. Big Pumpkin Cheese Ball

    9. Mummy Dogs

    10. Cheese Witch's Brooms

    11. Olive Spiders

    12. Portrait of a Monster Dip

    13. Sour Cream and Chive Ghost Crackers

    14. Spider Web Dip

    15. Halloweeño Jalapeño Poppers

    16. Shrimp Brain Cocktail

    17. Mini Batty Cheese Balls

    18. Worms in Dirt

    19. Spooky Spider Cheeseball

    20. Black Bean and Pumpkin Soup

    21. Witch Hat Appetizers