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We Found The Ultimate Hipster Dessert, And It's Obviously In Brooklyn

At Brooklyn's Hail Mary, everything is made from scratch. Even the sprinkles. Even the CHEESE.

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The cake is made from scratch, but the chefs use a special "birthday cake extract" to make it taste like the boxed mix we all know and love.

Hal Rhorer / BuzzFeed

And ugh, no, you can't buy the birthday cake extract to use at home (for cakes and cookies and oatmeal and smoothies and also probably just to drink straight-up). Hail Mary buys it from a purveyor that only sells to restaurants :(


And you guys, it is good. The cake is sweet and the frosting is salty and THE SPRINKLES will make you want to bounce around in your seat like a little kid on a sugar high.

Hal Rhorer / BuzzFeed

Because you will be ~excited~ but also maybe on a little bit of a sugar high.

The cake is available every day, for $11 a slice.

Hail Mary is also doing cool stuff with savory food. Like deep-frying very fancy cheese in not-so-fancy breadcrumbs.

Hal Rhorer / BuzzFeed

Ham and Sohla El-Waylly, the chefs and owners of Hail Mary, initially set out to open a fancier restaurant. Ultimately they settled on the kitschy, high-low concept because it was cheaper to open and better suited to the neighborhood. As part of this high-low approach, their take on a mozzarella stick is, according to Sohla El-Waylly, "the fanciest burrata you can buy, flown in from Italy, breaded in Progresso bread crumbs and deep-fried."

Check out this video that shows you how they make badass GIANT sprinkles:

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