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23 Gingerbread Fails That Almost Ruined Christmas

Next year, just don't.

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1. This village that got pillaged by inadequacy.

2. This demonic mess.

3. This bell that has no chill.

4. This bag of marshmallows that dreamed of being an igloo.

5. This very clueless tent.

6. This house that got explicit.

7. This house that gave up and became Stonehenge.

9. This house that never even got off the ground.

11. This chimney that got excited.

12. This Iron Throne that looks a little sticky.

14. This house that almost achieved greatness.

15. This tight-knit community.

17. These guys who have great personalities.

18. This house that's dreaming of a NOT white Christmas.

21. This cardboard box with cookies on it.

23. This ginger bread house.

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