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These Desserts Are Probably More Beautiful Than You

This is a pretty sweet read.

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For starters, these WOWFULS.

A Wowfull is a Hong Kong–style bubble waffle — or gai dan jai — shaped into a cone and filled with ice cream and all kinds of fun toppings. Owners David Chan, Peter Li, and Yiming Hui started the company after Chan spent time in Hong Kong and fell in love with gai dan jai. “The ones in New York's Chinatown are much softer, not as crispy," Chan says. "The ones in Hong Kong have a much better texture. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.” Add colorful ice cream and crazy toppings, and a star is born.


Too cold for ice cream? What about an insanely beautiful chocolate truffle filled with a FUNFETTI CAKE BALL?

Christine Byrne

Mini Melanie's truffles are called Minis, and they come in tons of fun flavors. Owner Melanie Moss started the company two years ago — after years working as a pastry chef in high-end New York restaurants, including Blue Hill and Babbo — because she wanted to make desserts that were pretty but also super cute and fun.


But maybe you're in the mood for something a little more retro. How about a fancy homemade Twinkie?

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At Jae NYC Eats, owner Janice de Castro makes Twinkies from scratch. Some flavors are super nostalgic, like birthday cake and maple-bacon, while others, like pandan-coconut and jackfruit with Fruity Pebbles, are a little less familiar.

All three of these desserts will be available at Dessert Goals in NYC later this month.

If you can't make it, don't worry. You'll definitely be seeing these guys again on Instagram.