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21 Epic Ways To Drink Out Of Fruits

Because Drinking Out Of Cups is so 2006.

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2. Use the flesh you scooped out for the keg to make boozy punch.

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You can fill your keg with whatever you want, but you might as well use the flesh that you've scooped out to make something delicious and summery.

Recipe: Spiked Watermelon Punch


8. Or, use it to make a very strong drink look fruity and innocent.

Adding "a few glugs of coconut rum" can mean whatever you want it to mean.

Recipe: Pineapple Paradise

Also, if you want something truly killer, this Tiger Shark drink is 60% booze, and part of that is overproof rum.


12. Fill a coconut with a blend of avocado and coconut water for a healthy post-work out drink.

Honestly, this sounds gross and weird. But apparently it's good for you and, I mean, people really seem to care about that these days.

Recipe: Avocado Coconut Drink


19. Fill apples with butterscotch schnapps-flavored Jell-O for extreme deliciousness.

After you slice these, you need to consume them quickly to prevent the apples from browning. Shouldn't be a problem.

Recipe and instructions: Caramel Apple Jell-O Shots