23 Foods That’ll Make You Want To Celebrate Chrismukkah

It’s the best of two (very delicious) worlds.

If you were alive and even SLIGHTLY paying attention in the early 00’s, you know about Chrismukkah.


And, although it originated in a mixed Christian-Jewish household, Chrismukkah can be (read: SHOULD BE) celebrated by all.


Because really, Chrismukkah isn’t about honoring age-old traditions. It isn’t about familial obligations or antiquated rituals. Chrismukkah is about CELEBRATION.


(And also a little bit about drama. Which is also kind of a fun reason to throw a party…)


So, if you’re looking for another reason to eat delicious things, hang out with your friends, and get ~TURNT~ this holiday season—CONSIDER CHRISMUKKAH.

Here are some delicious reasons why.

1. Coca-Cola Brisket Sliders

Dig in. Recipe here.

2. Jelly Doughnuts

These are reason enough to go to any party. Recipe here.

3. Horseradish-Chive Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes belong on every menu, TBH. Recipe here.

4. Gingerbread and Cookie Butter Rugelach

These are literally the best Christmas cookie rolled inside the best Hanukkah cookie. Recipe here.

5. Potato Latkes

A straight-up take on the classic. (Don’t pretend you’re mad about that.) Recipe here.

6. Smoked Trout Dip

Why not get a little Feast Of The Seven Fishes up in here? Recipe here.

7. Mini Pumpkin Sufganiyot

A ~seasoned~ answer to all your doughnut wishes. Recipe here.

8. Roasted Turnips with Parmesan

No forks required. Recipe here.

9. Mexican Chocolate Latkes

Pretty weird, but I think you’re gonna like ‘em a latke. Recipe here.

10. Apple Fritter Rings with Caramel Sauce

Recipe here.

11. Sausage Rolls with Rosemary and Golden Onion

Pork-filled pigs in blankets are a no-go on most Hanukkah menus, but the beef version is maybe even tastier. And, I mean, puff pastry… Recipe here.

12. Braised Brisket with Carrots, Garlic, and Parsnips

Krause, Johansen / marthastewart.com

The ultimate showstopper. Recipe here.

13. Sweet Potato Kugel

Recipe here.

14. Easy Ricotta Doughnuts

These easy doughnut holes are truly next-level. Recipe here.

15. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pastrami and Pickled Red Onion

Classic Christmas side dish meets ultimate deli classic. Recipe here.

16. Kabocha Hummus

It’s seasonal and it’s snackable, and therefore it is invited to the party. Recipe here.

17. Manischewitz Spritz

Jeremy Liebman / bonappetit.com

Don’t worry, it’s like 80 percent Prosecco. Recipe here.

18. Bite-Sized Baked Brie with Honey

Every good party deserves the perfect appetizer. Recipe here.

19. Dark Chocolate and Cranberry Challah Bread Pudding

Challah is maybe the best bread there is, so you should definitely be using it in as many ways as possible. Recipe here.

20. Smoked Salmon, Dill, and Caper Crostini

There’s so much more to lox than bagels. Recipe here.

21. Gingerbread Bundt Cake with Maple Glaze

Every December should involve gingerbread. Recipe here.

22. Lemon-Herb Roasted Potatoes

Hasselback me up! Recipe here.

23. Garlic Rosemary Prime Rib Roast with Horseradish Cream

If you really wanna go big. Recipe here.

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