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    Dec 16, 2015

    15 Essential Products For Anyone Who Wants To Eat Healthier

    Why make a healthy-eating resolution when you can just buy something instead?

    1. A SPIRALIZER, to turn vegetables into pasta.

    To be clear: Vegetables are not pasta. BUT, an al dente parsnip noodle slathered in a flavorful sauce (like the parsnip spaghetti all'amatriciana, above) is a pretty acceptable occasional compromise. Available here ($29.95).

    2. A PORTION CONTROL PASTA BASKET, for nights when you just need pasta but don't want to go overboard.

    Pasta gets a bad rap, but it can be a pretty great canvas for vegetables and a little meat or cheese, like in this basil pesto pasta with roasted vegetables (above). Available here ($8.47).

    3. A grown-up LUNCH BOX, for packing healthy food to go.

    A good lunch box will make it easier — and, let's be honest, more exciting — to actually bring healthy food to work. Get the lunch box here ($19.95), then check out Nom Nom Paleo's series of healthy lunches.

    4. A BIG SET OF AIRTIGHT CONTAINERS, for prepping meals ahead of time.

    Here's a basic menu and how-to guide for prepping five weeknight meals on a Sunday, but really, the possibilities are endless. Make a big batch of vegetables, whole grains, and protein, then divvy it all up into containers and just grab-and-go all week. Available here ($11.99).

    5. A set of FOOD HUGGERS, for keeping produce fresh after you've cut into it.

    Just because you don't want to put the whole cucumber in your salad doesn't mean it should go to waste. Plus, this way you can keep lemons and limes on hand to juice over everything and make food taste fresher. Available here ($13.95).

    6. An OIL-MISTER, for controlled and even distribution of oil on your salads and vegetable sides.

    Because eating five dry lettuce leaves and then getting one that's DRENCHED in fat is the actual worst. Available here ($45.86).

    7. A SLOW COOKER, for cooking big batches of meat and/or vegetables with zero effort.

    The possibilities are endless: you can slow-cook a whole chicken, roast a bunch of vegetables, or make a veggie-filled soup (above). Available here ($49).

    8. A NUTRIBULLET, for smoothies and so much more.

    Smoothies are an obvious choice for anyone trying to eat healthier; they're filled with nutrients and easy to take on the go. But, invest in a great blender — get the NutriBullet here — and you can turn fruits and vegetables into all kinds of fun foods, like this chocolate-chia pudding (above).

    9. A FOOD PROCESSOR, for literally everything. (But especially for turning bananas into ice cream.)

    Christine Byrne / BuzzFeed

    If you're not looking to make huge batches, the seveb-cup food processor (shown above) will do just fine, and you can get it here ($99.95). If you're feeding lots of people and want to make things in bigger batches, a 14-cup food processor (available here for $199) might be a better choice.

    The possibilities are literally endless. You can do the following: grind your own meat, to control the amount of fat and the source, turn gluten-free rolled oats into gluten-free flour for baking, make your own almond butter, shred a bunch of vegetables really quickly, make perfect pesto, or turn bananas into ice cream with no other ingredients.

    10. A STEAMER BASKET, for cooking vegetables or fish without adding any extra fat.

    It's easier than blanching or boiling them, and the steamer basket will store easily in a tiny kitchen. Here's how to steam vegetables, but you should know that you can also steam other things, like fish. Available here ($13.99).

    11. A MANDOLINE, for easy slicing, and for making healthier vegetable chips.

    All you do is pick a blade — you can make long, wide slices, or slice matchsticks into chips, like the salt-and-vinegar zucchini chips pictured above, or toss them into salads or stir-fries.

    12. A TEA INFUSER so cute, it might make you excited to drink tea instead of booze on weeknights.

    I mean, maybe. Here's a deep-sea diver, if that's your thing. Or, a teeny-tiny umbrella.

    13. An organic NONSTICK PAN, for cooking eggs without any fat.

    Nonstick pans are great for eggs, and eggs are great for YOU! Available here ($27.80).

    14. A SODA STREAM, for making your own seltzer.

    If you like seltzer better than flat water, being able to make it yourself means you'll drink more, which is A GOOD THING. Available here

    15. A FOOD SCALE, for perfect portion control (and better baking).

    Counting calories and/or macros isn't for everyone, but if you're interested in trying it, here's what you need to know. Either way, measuring your food on occasion can be a good way to gauge how much you're eating and learn about portion control. Get a simple food scale here ($19.95).

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