19 Brilliant Ways To Dress Like Food For Halloween

    BONUS: Some of these require food wrappers, which means you get to eat stuff.

    1. Use a pillow and felt to transform into sushi.

    2. Last minute "deviled egg" costume: White T-shirt, yellow fabric, and a pair of devil's horns.

    3. Become a walking croquembouche with coffee filters, tissue paper, and a hoop skirt.

    4. Climb into a clear garbage bag full of multicolored balloons for an easy "Bag of Jelly Beans" costume.

    5. All you need is a strapless dress and some printer paper to be Taco Bell hot sauce.

    AND it's a great group costume!

    6. Or, be a Taco Bell burrito by eating your weight in cheap "Mexican" food and saving all the wrappers.

    7. An all-yellow outfit, an umbrella, and a full container of salt makes you the Morton Salt Girl.

    8. The easiest ice cream cone costume? Cover a white tank top with multicolored strips of felt, and just wear all beige on the bottom.

    9. A red sweater, lots of beige yarn, and some brown pom-poms will turn you into a crazy mess of "spaghetti and meatballs."

    10. A painted white shirt and easy balloon hat = adorable bag of popcorn.

    Full instructions here.

    11. Craft a cupcake costume with a giant bucket of some art supplies.

    12. Make a cotton candy costume out of a plain pink dress, polyester pillow stuffing and a can of spray paint.

    13. Decorate a blue jacket and a captain's hat with yellow felt and tassels to be everyone's favorite cereal mascot.

    14. Channel a slice of pizza with construction paper and this dress.

    15. Make a macaron costume with some polyester pillow stuffing, quilt batting, cardboard, pink cloth, and pink ribbon.

    16. Dress like a dragon fruit with a white tube top, a pink skirt, body paint, and a really great hairstyle.

    17. Buy a huge stash of Doritos, eat your huge stash of Doritos, then dress as a "huge stash of Doritos."

    18. Turn an old inflatable tube into a doughnut costume with paint and some foam hair curlers.

    19. Buy various colors of yarn and commit a serious chunk of time to crocheting the ultimate food costume: A cheeseburger dress.