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19 Brilliant Ways To Dress Like Food For Halloween

BONUS: Some of these require food wrappers, which means you get to eat stuff.

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4. Climb into a clear garbage bag full of multicolored balloons for an easy "Bag of Jelly Beans" costume.

Though, no balloon can possibly capture the yellowish white speckle that is the buttered popcorn jelly bean. OR CAN IT??


6. Or, be a Taco Bell burrito by eating your weight in cheap "Mexican" food and saving all the wrappers.

Actually, this girl just befriended an employee for the wrappers. Which sounds much easier, and also less gross than smelling like old burrito.


17. Buy a huge stash of Doritos, eat your huge stash of Doritos, then dress as a "huge stash of Doritos."

The woman pictured actually wore this as a prom dress, but I think it's Halloween appropriate. No specific instructions, but the process is explained here.


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