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Here's How They Make Babka At Breads Bakery

Also perfect for anyone who loves apples, honey, and carb-induced bliss.

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Which is why we were so freaking excited when we found something that was the perfect combination of those three things: APPLE BABKA (!!!) with honey, raisins, and nuts.

Christine Byrne / BuzzFeed

The babka is made and sold at Breads Bakery in NYC. It's $14.95 per loaf (or $20 for two loaves), and it's only available in the fall (so, NOW).


First, they unroll an enormous sheet of puff pastry-like dough and cut it into long, thin pieces.

Each piece gets a smear of marzipan and a layer of apple-cinnamon-raisin filling.


Each twirl gets brushed with more butter and topped with slivered almonds before it's baked.