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21 Reasons To Be Excited That Thanksgiving Is Over

Ban turkey.

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2. But after that, you don't have to think about turkey again for a whole year.

Because let's be honest. a turkey is very annoying to cook. And actually, you'll have to think about buying a turkey in a year minus two weeks. Then you'll have to think about thawing your turkey in a year minus one week. Then you'll have to brine your turkey in a year minus three days. But still, those things are way off.


Because seriously, everyone has such strong feelings on Thanksgiving food, and you are so very over it.

6. You can stop pretending stuff like this is cute.

It's not. And like, is a turkey even shaped like that? I don't think a turkey is even shaped like that.

7. You don't have to field your grandma's relationship questions again until Christmas.


12. Your favorite playlists can come out of hiding.

I know you've been secretly listening to them since Halloween, but now you can play Christmas on actual speakers, in front of other people.


20. All of the cheesy holiday attractions you secretly love are now in full force.


... is a big, obnoxious overdose of CHRISTMAS!!!

The best holiday.