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    21 Reasons To Be Excited That Thanksgiving Is Over

    Ban turkey.

    1. For a few days after Thanksgiving, there are leftovers to look forward to.

    2. But after that, you don't have to think about turkey again for a whole year.

    Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed
    Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

    Because let's be honest. a turkey is very annoying to cook. And actually, you'll have to think about buying a turkey in a year minus two weeks. Then you'll have to think about thawing your turkey in a year minus one week. Then you'll have to brine your turkey in a year minus three days. But still, those things are way off.

    3. Or about eating the gross, mushy green bean casserole your aunt always brings.

    4. And you can finally stop arguing about what kind of sweet potato casserole is better.

    For the record, I am #TeamPecan.

    Recipes: Easy Marshmallow Casserole (pictured on left), Sweet Potato Casserole (pictured on right).

    5. And whether or not to serve a salad.

    Because so many people are so very offended by the presence of salad on a Thanksgiving table.

    Recipes: Mixed Baby Greens with Pecans (pictured on left), Kale Salad with Acorn Squash and Pomegranate (pictured on right).

    Because seriously, everyone has such strong feelings on Thanksgiving food, and you are so very over it.

    6. You can stop pretending stuff like this is cute.

    7. You don't have to field your grandma's relationship questions again until Christmas.

    8. Pumpkin Spice Mania will die down. At least a little bit.

    That said, prepare to be assaulted with all things gingerbread and peppermint.

    9. Pumpkin beer will go away, too. Which is good, because it is mostly awful.

    Bon Appétit did a taste test of 11 popular pumpkin beers and only found three worth drinking.

    10. ALL THE SALES.

    First there was Black Friday. Then there was Cyber Monday. Now, the week after Thanksgiving is pretty much just a haze of sales and discount specials.

    11. The food magazines will start talking about SOMETHING. ELSE.

    12. Your favorite playlists can come out of hiding.

    13. Ditto all of your favorite movies.

    14. For the next month, you can eat as many cookies as you want. /

    FACT: Cookies have no calories in December.

    Recipe: Roasted Almond Thumbprints

    15. And brownies.

    16. And chocolate bark.

    17. And don't forget about cookie DECORATING.

    Learn how to decorate your cookies here.

    18. There are also cookie swap parties in the very near future.

    Becky Luigart-Stayner


    Learn more about how to host a cookie swap party here.

    19. BONUS: There will be eggnog at these parties.

    Matt Duckor /

    An excuse to get drunk off of dessert.

    Recipe: Eggnog

    20. All of the cheesy holiday attractions you secretly love are now in full force.

    21. And poinsettias are everywhere, and it is wonderful.

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    I guess what I'm really getting at is this: Be thankful that Thanksgiving is over.

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    Because it is the most ridiculous holiday.

    And know that the best way to get over your Thanksgiving hangover...

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    Like seriously WTF, Thanksgiving.

    ... is a big, obnoxious overdose of CHRISTMAS!!!

    The best holiday.