19 Fun Ways To Drink Fernet Branca

    Other than straight, on the rocks. Which is also perfectly acceptable.

    Wait, what is Fernet Branca?

    1. Fernet and Ginger

    2. Forgetfully, Fernet

    3. Toronto Cocktail

    4. Not For Everyone

    5. The Late Night Reviver Cocktail

    6. Fanciulli Cocktail

    7. Eeyore's Requiem

    8. Fernet con Coca

    9. The Hanky Panky

    10. Benton Park Swizzle

    11. Dirt n' Diesel

    Fernet, rum, and Cynar. Recipe here.

    12. Fernet Flip

    13. St. James Flip

    14. The Industry Sour

    15. Bitter Herb Cocktail

    16. The Good Doctor

    17. King Cohen Cocktail

    18. Cider Smash

    19. Pimm's Italiano


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