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    19 Fun Ways To Drink Fernet Branca

    Other than straight, on the rocks. Which is also perfectly acceptable.

    Wait, what is Fernet Branca?

    Fernet-Branca is a dark liqueur with a bitter, black licorice flavor. It was originally invented in Italy in 1845 as a stomach medicine. These days, its actual "medicinal" properties seem suspect — although, lots of people swear that it's a magical hangover cure — but it's a great spirit in its own right, and just a little bit adds a whole lot of flavor to a cocktail.

    1. Fernet and Ginger

    The recipe calls for store bought "ginger syrup," but here's how you could make it at home. Recipe here.

    2. Forgetfully, Fernet

    A citrusy, gingery whiskey drink with a licorice-y twist. Recipe here.

    3. Toronto Cocktail

    Jennifer Hess /

    A simple mix of whiskey, fernet, simple syrup, and bitters. Recipe here.

    4. Not For Everyone

    True to its name, this drink combines three bold, "love it or hate it" spirits in one — mezcal, elderflower liqueur, and fernet. Recipe here.

    5. The Late Night Reviver Cocktail

    This mix of gin, ginger, and fernet will supposedly take the edge off a night of overindulgence and the subsequent indigestion. Recipe here.

    6. Fanciulli Cocktail

    Jennifer Hess /

    A Manhattan with just a hint of Fernet. Recipe here.

    7. Eeyore's Requiem

    Robyn Lee /

    The combination of Campari, Cynar, gin, and Fernet makes this cocktail extra bitter. Recipe here.

    8. Fernet con Coca

    "Fernet and Coke" sounds a lot fancier in Spanish. Recipe (if you really need one) here.

    9. The Hanky Panky

    A sweet gin martini with a dash of Fernet and a citrus twist. Recipe here.

    10. Benton Park Swizzle

    Similar to a mojito, but with a Fernet floater. Recipe here.

    11. Dirt n' Diesel

    Fernet, rum, and Cynar. Recipe here.

    12. Fernet Flip

    Fernet and vermouth, frothy from the addition of a shaken egg white. Recipe here.

    13. St. James Flip

    Iced coffee is better with booze. Recipe here.

    14. The Industry Sour

    Fernet is super popular in the restaurant industry, hence the name of this cocktail, made of Fernet, green chartreuse, and lime. Recipe here.

    15. Bitter Herb Cocktail

    Fernet, gin, and sparkling wine. Recipe here.

    16. The Good Doctor

    Hennessy, Fernet, vermouth, Demerara syrup, and molasses. Very "fall." Recipe here.

    17. King Cohen Cocktail

    Scotch, Fernet, and simple syrup. Recipe here.

    18. Cider Smash

    Rum, Fernet, cider, lemon, and agave. Recipe here.

    19. Pimm's Italiano

    Spiking a classic Pimm's cup with Fernet makes it seem like less of a summer picnic drink, no? Recipe here.


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