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Here's What Happened On The Second Episode Of The Bachelorette

It's all fun and games until Chad consumes all of the deli meat in the mansion.

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JoJo would want you to hire me...


JoJo used a 200 lb. firefighter hose while putting out an actual fire and somehow there was not one drop of sweat on her face.

blogspot / Via giphy

JoJo wore firefighter pants and it made us all think about what we would look like in firefighter pants.

tumblr / Via giphy

Wells needed water.

Rick Rowell / ABC

... and despair has never looked cuter.

Derek got the first one on one, obviously.

tumblr / Via giphy

JoJo effortlessly controlled her convertible hair...

ABC / Via gipy

meanwhile, me.

flickr / Via odysseyonline

We found out what the boys do while they're not vying for JoJo's love... drink beer and sing songs. Sign me up.

ABC / Via GifPlayer

Chad and Daniel's relationship reminded us all of the fairytale love that was Clint & JJ.

ABC / Via giply

We said a prayer for all of the food not eaten on this show. RIP.

reactiongifs / Via giphy

It was confirmed that JoJo's silhouette is in fact hotter than most people.

ABC / Via @BacheloretteABC

America had this reaction when Chad said JoJo was being "naggy"

seniorgif / Via giphy

We found out what Nick looked like without his Santa suit. This is him, apparently.

ABC / Via Perez Hilton

The Bachelor Superfan definitely had a lot to say.

ABC / Via giphy

*petition to bring him back solely for commentary*

Robby and his bow tie got back from the Kentucky Derby just in time for the rose ceremony.


We saw food being eaten on this show for the first time and it was DELI MEAT. Literal rolled up cold cuts.

ABC / Via @usweekly

Chad walked into the rose ceremony still taking full advantage of the free buffet.

ABC / Via @BacheloretteABC

Moral of the story: Chad is an ACTUAL meat head.

ABC / Via @usweekly

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