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7 Stages Of Purchasing A Kylie Lip Kit

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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Recently, Kylie Jenner introduced the world to the greatest lipsticks ever created. Even Scott wants in.

Stage 1: Stalking

E! / Via GIPHY

King Kylie likes to keep us peasants on our toes when it comes to her lip kits. If you think you can type in on any given day and purchase a lip kit, you're off your rocker.

With that being said, you turn into a full on FBI agent looking for clues about a restock date on Kylie's app/twitter/Instagram/Snapchat...

I call this, *refresh, refresh, repeat*

Stage 2: Excitement

Disney / Via GIPHY

The restock date and time has been announced, and you spread the word to only those who you trust. You get a rush of excitement, and you feel so empowered that you think you can take on anything life throws at you.

Stage 3: Planning


Okay, now it's time to get serious.

Let's say the restock is announced for 1:17 PM on a Wednesday (so, super convenient). If you're not blessed enough to be in the same time zone as Kylie (Pacific), then you figure out the time difference ASAP. If not, this rookie mistake could cost you your Posie K.

Now, where will you be at this said time? In school? At work? You figure it out, and come up with an excuse immediately, because you don't want to be fumbling for words when the time comes.

After you've planned where you'll be, you locate your credit card and put it in an accessible spot.

Lastly, you set your alarms and reminders. Not like you'll forget the date/time because this is the biggest moment of your life... but just in case.

Stage 4: Anxiety


The time has come. It's about 30 minutes prior to the said time and you are going NUTS. You've already told your friends/family/boss to not bother you, so now it's just you and the internet. What could possibly go wrong besides EVERYTHING???

Panic sets in.

What if the browser goes down? Let me pull it up on my phone just in case.

Where's my credit card? Oh, it's in my hand.

Who have I become? There is no time to answer this now.

Next thing you know it's one minute before the website goes live. You get in formation.

Stage 5: Pure Chaos

Paramount Pictures / Via GIPHY

The next 30 seconds is a blur of various shades of pinks and browns, vigorous typing, and sweat.

Stage 6: Shock


Suddenly the screen says, "Thank you!"

Wait. You did it? No way.

You literally blacked out and don't know how you got here. You can't possibly be one of the lucky ones.

Stage 7: Pure Bliss

Disney / Via GIPHY

You've read the confirmation email twelve times over. There it is. It happened.

Now sit back, relax, and wait 10-12 days.

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