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15 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Bachelorette Teaser Trailer

But where's Chris Harrison?

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Not for the final rose, but for RE: BUZZFEED APPLICATION

A sneak peak of JoJo Fletcher as the new leading lady of The Bachelorette aired on Monday, and #BachelorNation lost their minds. As this show has proven in the past, a lot can happen in 30 seconds.

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1. Opening with a make-out scene, classic.

2. Aw, I miss them.

3. Wow I forgot how FIRE JoJo looked in that dress on Ben's season finale, despite being dumped on national television.

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4. They clearly had to throw in that clip of the helicopter. Ben probably requested it.

5. Ugh, here it comes - *america sobs*

6. May 23rd, good to know (as if it hasn't been marked on my calendar for weeks)

7. OMG - new hair for a new JoJo, obviously.


8. The clips of the men are going by too fast WHAT'S HAPPENING

9. Oh good, someone brought a horse.

10. LOL I forgot JoJo was the girl who stepped out of the limo wearing a unicorn mask

BachGIFS / Via BachGIFS

10. But JoJo has great style, why is she wearing a red sequin dress????? I blame the producers.

11. Nothing says revenge like a Demi Lovato song


12. You know what, yes, JoJo IS the boss.

13. JoJo's 25 boyfriends screaming her name. Same.

14. JoJo is telling the world that thumb holes are back.


15. Yes JoJo, BRING ON THE MEN, but also bring on more of your fabulous outfits, drama, and Chris Harrison for god sakes.

See the full video below!

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