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15 Questions I Had While Watching The Season Premiere Of The Bachelorette

Nothing like a champagne toast at 6 AM.

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1. Where's Andi?

ABC / Via giphy

Speaking of Bachelorette alums... we all know Andi Dorfman would have given the best advice, but I guess we'll have to settle for Desiree's wide-eyed expression when Ali & Kaitlyn said to definitely kiss on the first night.

2. Is anyone else thinking about the common denominator that is Ben?

xtinebianx / Via SnapChat

What was Kaitlyn really thinking when JoJo was talking about her love for good old Ben? Probably that she thought he was a virgin until week 8.

6. The first half of these limo entrances were probably the greatest moments of my life, but what in gods name happened to the second half?

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