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"Teatoxing" Isn't As Glamorous As It Looks On Instagram

Because, guess what, it involves poop.

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What started as partly cloudy quickly escalated to a flash flood. We're talking mud slides, people. The worst part was that I had a bunch of things I absolutely needed to do that day.

BuzzFeed/Christina Wolfgram

I'll spare you details, but I thought I might have Ebola for a sec.

... And a $50 Groupon for yoga classes that was about to expire.

BuzzFeed/Christina Wolfgram

Clenching my buttcheeks for a full hour actually turned out to be a great workout, so maybe the teatox works in mysterious ways.

And I wish the moral of the story is that you are beautiful and you should never drink diarrhetic beverages in order to look Instagram-famous.

There is a silver lining: now, when I see photos of celebrities posing with their teatox, I don't wonder how they got so skinny. I wonder about the state of their bowels.

Disney / Via

And I laugh at them, because if I don't laugh, I'll go crazy. And we all know crazy people never have nice abs.

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