Someone Apparently Hates Time Warner

These posts kept flooding my Facebook feed. Apparently she hates Time Warner. I kinda feel bad for Time Warner…they messed with the wrong person.

1. Time Warner Is Incompetent

2. That Happened To Me, Too.

3. Time Warner Is Evil

4. She Doesn’t Kinda Like Time Warner

5. Time Warner Comparisons

6. She Hates Time Warner

7. Don’t Mess With British Airways

8. Wow…More Than Maroon 5? That’s bad.

10. Maybe Time Warner Made Those Transformers.

11. NOTHING Worse Than Eggplant

12. Hate When This Happens…

14. You’re Dumb.

16. Time Warner, Nobody loves you.

17. You’re the best, Time Warner!!! xoxoxo

18. Summer heat vs Time Warner

19. North West. Enuff said.

20. Aarrgghhhh

21. I believe in Sherlock Holmes

22. This is life before you know who you’re gonna be…Fifteen

23. You’re idiotic, Time Warner. #justsayin

24. You’re the worst…sorry.

25. Oh, they’re serious.

26. Who steals baby wipes??

27. Oh, that’s bad….

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