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10 Reasons College Students Should Spring Break At Home

Home is where the heart (and food) is.

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1. Money

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You don't have it. Stay home.

2. Showers

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Thank goodness my home has a shower. I'd almost forgotten what real water pressure felt like.

And no flip-flops required!

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So sing out, you hot thang.

3. Not Walking

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Remember cars? And how they get places faster at a more comfortable temperature than the outside world? And how they don't give you the shin splints?

4. Bed

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Your own beautiful, big, comfy, bed. All yours.

5. Speaking of which...


Sleep. That thing that college murders.

6. Video Games

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Forget being productive. That's what being at school is for. Home is for mind-numbing violence into the wee hours of the morning.

7. TV

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Plant your butt down and let that brain rot.

8. Friends

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You can see old friends if you want to...

Or not.

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9. FOOD.

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Nothing can compare to free food cooked with love by your mom. Or dad. Long as it isn't you.

10. Not doing things.

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Not doing things is the best.

So just stay home people!

I promise you won't regret it.

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