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The Stages Of Going To College GameDay

College GameDay is an ESPN morning show previewing college football games. It's broadcast live from outside the stadium hosting a game on Saturday. It involves a lot of screaming...and virtually no sleep if you want to get into the show and be on national television.

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1. You find out that College GameDay is coming to your university!

Usually the show goes to very high-profile games, which means they spend a lot of time in Alabama, Georgia, etc. But maybe you don't go to one of those schools! This year is YOUR YEAR.

4. Your school lets you know that there will be lots of free stuff available! The gates open at 4:30 AM and the first 1500 people will receive free school swag!

6. So the night before, you guys pack everything you'll need for your little camp-out!

Blankets, chocolate, crackers, coffee, poster-making materials (for the show, of course!), and Cards Against Humanity. What else could you need?

16. But then your worst fears are realized: you're standing behind a guy who is easily 6 foot 6, happily in the front row, directly in front of you.

Nothing you can say or do will remedy the situation, since there is nowhere to move in the thick crowd.

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