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The Stages Of Going To College GameDay

College GameDay is an ESPN morning show previewing college football games. It's broadcast live from outside the stadium hosting a game on Saturday. It involves a lot of screaming...and virtually no sleep if you want to get into the show and be on national television.

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1. You find out that College GameDay is coming to your university!

Usually the show goes to very high-profile games, which means they spend a lot of time in Alabama, Georgia, etc. But maybe you don't go to one of those schools! This year is YOUR YEAR.

2. What's that you say? You don't actually know what College GameDay is?

What do they even talk about for three hours? Why is everyone so darn excited?

3. Oh! We get to be on TV?

Apparently it's famous sports people talking about the college football games and making predictions. Solid.

4. Your school lets you know that there will be lots of free stuff available! The gates open at 4:30 AM and the first 1500 people will receive free school swag!

You vow to not only be one of those first 1500 people, but to be up front!

5. People decide they'll just camp out all night and invite you to come!

"I have friends, guys!"

6. So the night before, you guys pack everything you'll need for your little camp-out!

Blankets, chocolate, crackers, coffee, poster-making materials (for the show, of course!), and Cards Against Humanity. What else could you need?

7. You're the third group in line, behind all the frat boys.

But that's ok! Everyone is just excited about life and the game!

8. You're getting tired as the night wears on, but at least there's the hourly singing of the school fight song!

Oh boy, 3 AM! Better eat something too....

9. Then the non-campers arrive and angrily go to the end of the ever-growing line.

Should've camped out, guys! Not my problem!

10. There's always those people who try to get in front of you, claiming they've been there for hours. Thankfully you know how to take care of them.

Sorrynotsorry. YOU SHALL NOT PASS.

11. Of course, 4:30 AM opening time translates to around 5:30 AM...

12. So logically everyone in line figures that shouting about it will solve everything.

13. Finally, that glorious moment when the gates are open...and everyone starts pushing at once.

If you didn't have claustrophobia and a fear of being trampled to death before, you do now.

14. You're being shoved into the show area and patted down by guards and are given free shirts and food and then shoved through more lines....until you finally get into what is known as, "the pit."


15. Thanks to your camping out, you make it to the second row!

16. But then your worst fears are realized: you're standing behind a guy who is easily 6 foot 6, happily in the front row, directly in front of you.

Nothing you can say or do will remedy the situation, since there is nowhere to move in the thick crowd.

17. Better just make the best of a bad situation. After all, you're with your friends and the sun is finally rising!

It's just so beautiful.

18. That's when the realization hits you: it's only sunrise. The College GameDay show doesn't start for three more hours.

19. You've been standing for hours already and now you have to keep standing for several more hours!

My knees...have mercy!

20. But hey! There's always selfies to take with your besties!

Put ALL of them on Facebook! You know, to prove how much school spirit you have.

21. Then the video cameras from the show come out and everyone has to wave!

Even if it means shoving you so they can get closer to the front.

22. The director of the show informs you that he just wants you to cheer for the cameras so he can get shots for the program. The crowd goes wild!

23. As much fun as it is to cheer and scream your heart out, you realize in all the pushing and shoving just how many hundreds of people there are.

24. But hey, you're on national TV! (as much as you can be while behind the giant man who will not budge over.) And you get free stuff thrown at you!

If you can catch it, of course.

25. Every time the camera seems remotely in your direction, everyone gets hysterical.

26. You wave your posters around, showing off the clever slogans that make fun of the rival team. Together, you shout and cheer for your team!

27. Finally, though, you've had enough. Whether or not you make it to the end, you just know that you're exhausted and sore.

Time to go meet your bed!

28. Must...get back

29. After pulling an all-nighter, almost being crushed to death, and losing your voice to cheering, you decide to just take a quick nap to rejuvenate.

30. Just don't sleep too long! There are pre-games, tailgates, and a football game still to go to!

Carry on, my friend.

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