The 30 Best “Friends” Moments Of All Time

We love them. Because they’ll be there for you, even when the rain starts to pour…And those are some damn good friends.

1. Ross says “hi”.

It makes you laugh and feel like dying all at once.

2. Then, Rachel professes her love for Ross on his answering machine.

She wasn’t too thrilled about this drunken mishap.

3. But then, they make up like this.

It’s so good…But, poor Julie.

5. Then, the gang watches Monica and Rachel’s prom video.

Where Monica is…ahem, larger, and Rachel has her original nose.

6. And Ross looks like this.

There are no words.

7. We’re introduced to Eddie when Joey moves out.

Seems normal…

8. But really, he’s crazy. And Chandler kicks him out.

He stole a mannequin head from Macy’s as chips and dip holder… ‘nuff said.

9. But then, Rachel attends Barry and Mindy’s wedding looking like this.

It’s like Little Bo Peep drank too much Pepto-Bismol.

10. And Chandler falls head over heels for Janice.

For real.

11. And Janice does this a lot.

That Long Island accent is in full swing.

12. So Joey wears all of Chandler’s clothes.

Must be hot.

13. …while he’s commando.

Redefines getting up close and personal.

14. On Thanksgiving, the gang decides to play a football game.

While Phoebe plays ring around the Ross.

15. This makes Phoebe sing a lot.

Smelly Cat, it’s not your fault.

16. And then, Rachel convinces Ross’ gf to do this.

Nothing like a bald head under your fingers.

17. Which makes Joey end up like this.

He puts The Little Mermaid to shame.

18. And then, he ballroom dances with Treeger.

There was never more graceful a pair.

19. And at Ross’ wedding to Emily, this happens.


20. And then the whole gang finds out.

Fangirling at its finest.

21. Which makes Phoebe run… a lot.

So graceful.

22. At this point, everyone’s tired… So, Ross and Joey nap together.

Admit it, guys…you’ve done this with your bros.

23. So, Rachel and Chandler eat cheesecake off the hall floor.

Of course Joey joins in…YUM, FLOORCAKE.

24. And then, Monica and Chandler finally tie the knot!


25. And so do Phoebe and Mike!


26. And Rachel gives birth to Ross’ baby!

Baby got back.

27. So, the crew heads to Barbados where Monica looks like this.

I gotchu, girl.

28. But then the crew misses Monica’s Thanksgiving.

I hate when a bunch of floating heads invade my apartment.

29. So Joey has to “How you doin’?” his way out of it.

The spoon is a nice accent.

30. And they all lived happily, dysfunctionally ever after.

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