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14 Things Only Comm And Media Students Understand

This is for all of you misunderstood Ad/PR, Journalism, Broadcast, Media, and Film students out there!

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1. That cringe-worthy moment when someone asks you, "What are you going to do with that?"

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2. You walk, talk, and even dream in AP Style.

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3. Most of your communication friends are freelance designers, writers, or photographers. Or all three.

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4. Why there's an entire class dedicated to social media.

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5. You can think of a million and one things that you could do with your degree, but can't decide on one.

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6. You start seriously analyzing commercials and radio spots.

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7. When your greatest joy in life is designing your personal website/portfolio.

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8. And also when you create or publish something that you are really proud of.

9. It felt like Christmas morning when you finally subscribed to Creative Cloud.

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10. Odds are you've had to take on an unpaid internship. (That you did or did not love)

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11. Math. No matter how hard you've tried, numbers still don't seem to make sense.

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12. You're always working on different projects that unleash the creative genius in you.

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13. You're friends with more than one of your professors on Facebook, and they "like" what you post on a daily basis.

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14. Work doesn't feel like "work", because you love what you do!

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