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    43 Tattoos You Will Want All Over Your Body

    Prepare to have the most sensual ink-gasm.

    1. This enticing finger.

    2. This mystical palm.

    3. These striped hands.

    4. Or this adorned hand.

    5. This steamy forearm.

    6. This bewitching arm cuff.

    7. This alluring illusion.

    8. This intergalactic thigh work.

    9. This casually hanging arm.

    10. These shaded gradients.

    11. This wrist circle.

    12. These deconstructed cranes.

    13. These matching bands.

    14. This splendid arm sleeve.

    15. This bold beauty.

    16. This warrior shield.

    17. These beautiful feet.

    18. This neck adornment.

    19. All of this.

    20. This peeking compass.

    21. This geometric entanglement.

    22. This subtle spine decor.

    23. This silky back curve.

    24. This triangular piece of infinity.

    25. These sloped trees.

    26. This absolutely breathtaking prism design.

    27. This circular serenity.

    28. These flowered shoulders.

    29. This maze.

    30. This magnificent neck.

    31. This armor.

    32. This sorcerous chest piece.

    33. This daring elephant.

    34. This swooping chest ribbon.

    35. This enchanting arm wrap.

    36. This celestial ornamentation.

    37. These seductive alien scales.

    38. This immaculate contour.

    39. This exquisite back.

    40. This inspiring and gorgeous belly.

    41. This all-too-sensual back.

    42. O_O

    43. This creature that is too godlike to be human.

    If that wasn't suggestive enough, just remember this:

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