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    Posted on Dec 28, 2015

    23 Things You'll Understand Only If You're Slightly Obsessed With Smoothies

    Life is not eating. Life is SLURPING.

    1. Your life changed when you had your first smoothie.

    Warner Bros / Via

    Maybe it was green, maybe it was a simple banana-berry one, but either way, you were forever converted.

    2. And now your entire Instagram feed is smoothie heaven.

    3. Ninety percent of your Pinterest boards are pinned with smoothie recipes.

    Christina Lan / Buzzfeed

    4. The greatest gift ever given to you was your nifty blender.

    5. Which you carry around like a child that you bathe and scrub twice a day.

    6. You spend more time at the frozen aisle marveling at fruit pouches than any other aisle at the grocery store.

    7. You buy crates of bananas just so you can chop and freeze them.

    simpleandpure / Via

    8. In fact, your entire freezer is filled with different types of frozen fruits.

    9. Nothing makes you happier than prepping smoothie bags for the week.

    Soulful Ginge / Via

    10. You know the difference between adding chia seeds and flax seeds.

    Twitter: @ShannonHSulli

    Amateurs don't realize they have to soak chia seeds beforehand and that the only way to assimilate the full nutrients of flax seeds is to grind them first. These are secrets only true smoothie gurus know.

    11. You've realized that 80% of the time, you blend up a brownish-looking smoothie.

    Tim Patterson CC BY-SA 2.0

    And it didn't matter what ingredient combo you tried. Every ingredient tended to darken the entire drink. But that was OK — it all tasted great anyhow.

    12. You've learned the exact ingredients needed to make a non-gross-looking colorful smoothie.

    Stacy Spensley CC BY 2.0
    Stacy Spensley CC BY 2.0

    And now you know the perfect color alchemy between fruits.

    13. You frequently come out of what looks like a murder scene.

    Glitchbot / Via

    14. You're definitely a fan of mixing in heartier things, like root vegetables and squash.

    j_vos_1987 / Via

    Seriously just look at that color!! <3 Beeeeets <3

    15. And who could forget AVOCADOS???

    I believe I can fly CC BY-NC 2.0
    I believe I can fly CC BY-NC 2.0

    16. In fact, you know that sweet potatoes make for the most delicious treat.

    drinknooma / Via

    17. You've had your fair share of drinking disasters.

    Jeanette Bredsten / Via

    18. Some were so bad that you had to force yourself to pour them down the drain.

    Twitter: @2emmy_b

    RIP test trial of putting in too much chard, too little fruit, and leftover sticky rice. Oh, and extra jam to try remedying the situation.

    19. You resent all the green smoothie hate because they're actually ~heavenly~ when done right.

    20. Making a smoothie is your #1 exercise motivator.

    21. There's no stopping you from waking up your entire building just to make it in the morning.

    22. Just like in the summer, you drink smoothies regularly in the winter.

    megatron_cd / Via

    The cold does not stop your undying devotion to the art of smoothie-drinking!!

    23. Given the choice between smoothies and food, you know that you would be making the RIGHT choice.

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