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    17 Products That'll Make You Love Your Vagina Even More

    And your vulva. Viva la vulva!

    1. A menstrual cup.

    At about $30, you'll never need to waste dem dollars on tampons ever again. There are also a LOT of options. Popular ones include the Diva cup, Lunette, and Blossom.

    2. These educational stickers.

    "I cannot be held responsible if you use these to label your actual clitoris. I do encourage putting them on absolutely everything else though" –wise words from the maker. Available here.

    3. These softcup and incredibly comfortable undergarments.

    This company's slogan is "For women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves." Your day will never again be ruined by crappy wedgie-inducing underwear. And look how delicately stylish and badass they are!! Welcome to your sweet relief here.

    4. These panties that actually absorb menstrual blood.

    THINX, a recent start-up, claims that its heavier-days panties can hold up to 2 tampons worth of period flow. Another similar option is Lunapanties. Other menstrual panties may or may not hold as much, but they're great for those unwanted leaks even while using other menstrual products.

    5. This ~dragon fly~ clitoring.

    More love to your love parts. Available here.

    6. These subtle vag patches.

    #3 all day errday. Get them here.

    7. A gadget that makes your vagina stronger.

    RAWR. It helps you do Kegel exercises, which means no peeing while you run (incontinence) and better sex! A few options that connect with an app include the kGoal, which also vibrates, Elvie. A cheaper option without the app can be found here.

    8. This smartphone case.

    Get it here.

    9. This simple shirt.

    🌮🌮🌮 Available here.

    10. This besties stationary set.

    Be pen pals with your moon sister. Buy them here.

    11. Silk and cotton lingerie that crushes that damn male gaze.

    12. This skirt that lets you pee really easily outside.

    FREEDOM FOR FEMALE URINATION!! This skirt is still a Kickstarter, but it's geared toward female runners, who often have difficulty finding places to pee in public, change out tampons/pads, or have problems with incontinence. But really, this skirt design is a miraculous idea for all bottoms. Flaps for all. Find out more here.

    13. This rainbow vulva sticker set.

    Vulvas in all shapes and colors, loved by all. Get them here.

    14. This beautiful vulva crop top.

    Buy it here.

    15. This impressionable magnet.

    Get it here.

    16. These pussy pouches.

    Subtle fashion touch. Designed by Rachel Feinberg. Get one here.

    17. This super ~cute~ pin.

    For your most lustful occasions. Buy it here.