26 Gifts For People Who’d Rather Live Between The Pages Of A Book

Their preferred language is “print.”

Christina Lan / Buzzfeed

1. This proud little book bag.

Stay strange. Get it here.

2. This little printer to record their quirkiest ideas.

So nothing ever gets lost! Buy it here.

3. This cookie cutter.


Cookin’ up some books that is. Available here.

4. This framed print.

But actually. Get it here.

5. This book lover’s purse.


Stacks of secrets. Portals to unknown powers. Buy it here.

6. These gloves with Sherlock Holmes written all over them.

For optimum investigative research for their next book. Get it here.

7. This floating bookshelf.


Their erudition is so powerful, even their books can levitate to higher planes. Available here.

8. This pendant.

Buy it here.

9. This actual “book” case for your laptop.


So that they’re never really betraying old traditions. Get it here.

10. These scrabble pencils.

Inspiring all the ways in which one can write. Available here.

12. This helpful mug.

When else have great ideas been procured? Get it here.

14. This holy shirt.

Revising is a writer’s greatest weapon. Get it here.

15. This “book” of wine.

The greatest escape of all. Get it here.

16. These notebook canvas shoes.

Cerebral. From the ground up. Get it here.

17. This keyboard waffle iron.


Jumpstart their day with new ideas. Available here.

18. This book-scented candle.

The closest thing to their ideal perfume. Buy it here.

19. Or this one that smells like a library.

Which is apparently gardenia and sagewood. Available here.

21. This point-and-click dictionary.

To solidify the acquisition of new worlds… I mean words. Buy it here.

22. This glorious glowing book.

A book lover’s dream. Get it here.

23. This book wrapping paper.

Better yet, wrap THEIR gift in this wrapping paper. Buy it here.

24. This aspirational spoon.

So they can taste their eventual goals. Buy it here.

25. This classic ID tote.

Essential. A basic necessity for any writer. Buy it here.

26. This most accurate keychain.

“Slayer of words, I grant you eternal commemoration.” Available here.

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