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    Updated on Jan 28, 2019. Posted on Feb 26, 2016

    19 Products That'll Let You Nap Like You're In Kindergarten Again

    For aspiring professional nappers.

    Andrew Richard / Buzzfeed

    1. This igloo dome pillow.

    Made with ultra sound-absorbent materials. Get it here.

    2. This "king" of eye masks.

    Wearing this will turn you into a monarch who deserves every luxury. Buy it here.

    3. The only suit you'll ever need.

    Rugged, handsome, majestic – you can do it all in this crash sack.

    4. This adaptable sleep suit.

    According to the maker, this project was inspired by "Dymaxion sleeping," which involves taking four thirty-minute naps over a period of 24 hours. This suit explores the material requirements for sleeping pretty much anywhere. See it in all its glory here.

    5. This office chair that is the epitome of ergonomics.

    As this review attests to its superiority: "You can kneel at your desk, sit, sit reclining, or rock back and snooze. Every position is comfortable. This was my bed for about 5 years when I had a 24-hour-a-day computer job." Get it here.

    6. This monster snuggie blanket.

    Wearing this is pretty much the same thing as wearing a Do Not Disturb sign. But with more regality. Buy it here.

    7. This inflatable sleep hoodie.

    Sometimes, you can't plan for naps. That's why this self-inflatable hoodie's got you covered. Available here.

    8. This emergency sleeping blanket.

    You've been up for 48 hours after a regrettable night of continuous Tequila shots and you're seconds away from melting your face on the nearest radiator so, you take this emergency blanket, run outside, and power nap on the side of the street. Hello, life saver.

    9. This heat compression and eye massager.

    Just say you have pink eye. And then ZzzZzz. Buy it here.

    10. This desk with a hidden nap nook.

    But of course, you would sleep with the sides folded down. Available here.

    11. This emergency nap kit.

    Never sacrifice your sleeping standards. Get it here.

    12. This privacy pop-up tent.

    If only we could all have these for office nooks. Available here.

    13. This anti-extrovert cocoon.

    Maybe you were abducted by aliens and this pillow will remind you from extraterrestrial kidnappers. Get it here.

    14. This napping plan that will change your life.

    The best way to conspicuously nap at work? Master the art of persuasion. Buy it here.

    15. This humanoid fleece onesie.

    Find a color that matches your work's floor or walls. Sleep indefinitely.

    16. The ultimate work station.

    Available here.

    17. Or this super sleek lounge chair.

    Perfect for innovative ideation. Get it here.

    18. This inflatable nap pod.

    If we imagine that we're floating on tropical island pool, our productivity increases tenfold, right?? Available here.

    19. This perfect office cubicle.

    Yes to no stress. Get it here.

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