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What's The Best Thing You've Splurged On In Your 20s?

Enlighten the youths on how to spend their barely-there-money.

Life in your 20s is pretty damn hard.

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Especially when it comes to making FINANCIAL decisions.


Let's see, I have approximately $0 to spend on things other than rent.

So when it comes down to dollars-and-cents, what are some things you bought that you have absolutely no regrets about?

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Or ~acquired~ through clever resourcefulness that you'd recommend buying.

Was it some pricey kitchen tool that saved you bucks in the long run?

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Some dope AF headphones?

What are things that'll really make a difference even if you've got like zero money to spend?

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Tell us the best thing you splurged on in your 20s in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

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