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    We Got Beautiful Tattoos On Body Parts We Used To Feel Insecure About

    Body of art, indeed.

    Getting a tattoo is kind of a big deal.

    Watch these people get tattoos on body parts they're insecure about!

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    This is Sarah, Oscar, and Steph, and they all decided to get a tattoo on a body part they felt insecure about.

    Sarah has always disliked her thighs. She said she developed appetite issues after being diagnosed with clinical depression.

    She said she began binge-eating out of boredom when she got to college and gained a lot of weight.

    Steph, on the other hand, has always felt self-conscious about her arms.

    Steph makes Nifty videos where her hands and arms are always at the forefront.

    Oscar identifies as a Queer trans non-binary person, and tends to draw a lot of attention on the streets.

    Oscar wears a lot of loose clothing, low-cut dresses, and tops.

    So they went to super talented tattoo artist Ying, at Evil and Love Tattoo, in Brooklyn.

    Sarah's favorite Disney movie is Peter Pan, and she's always related to Tinker Bell's magical and sassy ways.

    Steph wanted a Buffy the Vampire Slayer-related tattoo. She went with one of her stakes.

    And Oscar chose a tattoo inspired by a Tōyō Miyatake photograph taken at a Japanese internment camp.

    Sarah said she also chose Tinker Bell because she doesn't take anyone's bullshit.

    Meanwhile, Steph had always been a huge Buffy fan and thought her tattoo was a huge symbol of strength, girl power, and independence.

    Oscar works as an activist organizing for immigrant rights, so the tattoo of a fist holding a rose breaking through a chainlink fence was a powerful symbol.

    Sarah said she used to avoid looking at her bare body (especially her thighs), but said that, thanks to her new tattoo, she now has something to admire.

    Now when Steph looks at her arm, she said she doesn't think of any of her insecurities. She just sees a badass piece of art.

    And Oscar has been feeling super empowered and affirmed while showing off the amazing new tattoo.