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23 Ordinary Objects That Are Cleverer Than You Think

You've been using everything the wrong way!

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3. Scrub white toothpaste on your dirty sneakers with an old toothbrush to make them squeaky clean.

Who needs shoe cleaner when there's toothpaste?!? Once you've worked the toothpaste into the shoes, let it sit for 10 minutes. Then, wipe it off with a damp towel. Instructions here.


4. Instead of buying Swiffer refills, use an old sock.

5. Use coffee grounds as a fridge deodorizer.

Just LOL at the fact that $50 fridge deodorizers exist. For these deodorizers, put the coffee grounds in a mason jar, cover with a filter, and secure the jar with the ring (not the full cap). Sure, baking soda works too, but if you love the smell of coffee, try this one.


8. If you don't have gloves lying around, put sandwich bags over your hands before you work with hot peppers.

This way, your hands won't sting (nor will your eyes if you accidentally rub them). Plus, a good pair of gloves costs $12! Remove the seeds to make the peppers more tolerable to eat.

11. Save your Pringles lids to fit over yogurt containers, cans, and pint glasses.,

This way, you're not wasting food or precious spirits (which seriously adds a year to the survival of the human species on this planet).


12. Rub shaving cream over your car windows and bathroom mirrors to make them fog-free.

You don't have to buy something you don't already use: anti-fog spray. After you apply the shaving cream to the entire surface, take a dry paper towel to wipe it off until the mirror or window is clear (there should still be a thin layer left). See how it works here.

14. Clean the insides of skinny bottles and vases with egg shells.

Bye, long brush cleaner ($5). Let the egg shells dry, crush them up, pour them into the bottle with water, and shake. They'll remove dust and debris, making your glassware look brand new. More instructions here.


16. Quickly slice mushrooms with an egg slicer.

17. Kool-Aid can eliminate lime deposits and stains in your dishwasher, and it can also clean brass.

18. Salvage burned pots and pans with Coke.,

You don't need to throw it out and buy a new one! Just pour the Coke in, let it sit overnight, and then clean as usual. The burned scraps will come right off!

19. Seal your opened chip or cereal bags with binder clips.


21. Use mayo or cooking oil to remove unwanted stickers.

Dab a small amount on and let the mayo or oil set for 5 to 10 minutes. It'll come right off. Repeat a few times if you’re dealing with extremely stubborn adhesives. Watch how this miracle condiment works here.

22. Pulverize uncooked rice in your coffee or spice grinder to get rid of all residue.

The greatest money-saver of all: something that lasts forever. Cleaning your grinder really well will do that for you. Full instructions here.