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21 Easy Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Cutting trips to Sephora is probably worth as much as your tuition. The products in this post were updated in March 2018.

1. Use a primer before applying your makeup to help your makeup last all day.,

Smooth a thin, even layer over your face before applying foundation. Your primer will stick to your skin, and your makeup will stick to the primer, making it last longer.

Get from Amazon for $5.69. Or, for a top-rated, more expensive version, get Smashbox's Photo Finish from Sephora for $36.

2. You can also try a pressed setting powder if you really want your makeup to stay.,

Use a fluffy brush and dust the powder over your T-zone and any liquid or cream makeup you've applied to your face to absorb any oils that may cause your makeup to slide off.

Get Rimmel Matte Pressed Powder from Walmart for $3.97.


3. Once you're finished, a good setting spray will secure your makeup so you won't have to worry about touch-ups later.

A popular setting spray is the Urban Decay De-Slick, which does wonders for oily skin. It prevents runny makeup and doesn't make your skin shiny!

Get it from Jet for $24.78.

For normal or combination skin types, try Mist & Fix from Sephora for $30.

For a cheaper option, get NYX Setting Spray from Amazon for $5.99.

4. For eyes, definitely use a primer to make eyeliner and eyeshadow last.


8. Add some eye drops to mascara to remove any clumps and to loosen the sides when it's on its last stretch.

Only do this if your mascara is newer than three months old. Otherwise, it's best to toss the expired tube.

Any type of eye drop solution should be fine, but most beauty bloggers use Visine, which you can get from Amazon for $5.99.

9. Add some moisturizer to your foundation if it's getting low.

Only pump a small amount of foundation and add moisturizer to it on the back of your hand. The coverage will be more sheer, but you'll get more use out of the foundation. Plus, it makes a great tinted moisturizer.


10. Or add a little water to loosen the sides.

Shake it a few times and let it sit for 24 hours upside down to let it mix properly. This could change the formulation of the foundation, but it could work for the very last drop. Don't try this when you've still got half a bottle of foundation left.

13. Store your makeup in a place where it won't get damaged easily.

Keep your makeup out of the sun and store certain products in air-tight containers. Plus, if you can see your makeup more easily using transparent organizers, you won't be as tempted to buy new products before finishing the ones you already own.

Get an organizer that has both holders and drawers from Amazon for $14.95.


14. Keep your makeup tools clean, because any contamination of your products may cause your skin to break out.

15. If you're running low on eyeshadow or blush, turn it into lipstick by stirring in Vaseline.

Find an empty container (jar, contact lenses case) and mix in the pigment with Vaseline or Aquaphor. See more here.

Just be careful not to lick your lips: This isn't safe to eat.

17. Apply foundation with your fingers instead of a brush or a sponge because you'll use less foundation.


19. Store certain makeup products in the fridge to extend their shelf life.

Safe products to store in the fridge include eye creams, nail polish, and natural beauty products. Some that are potentially problematic in the fridge include lipstick (storing for too long will cause it to lose moisture) and eyeshadow (the introduction of humidity could cause mold growth).

20. If you have way too much, keep track of your products in a spreadsheet.

Yep, this is how first-grade math becomes useful in real life. With a spreadsheet, you won't forget to use certain products and you'll keep all your makeup in steady rotation. You can download a free makeup spreadsheet here from this video.

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