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    27 Absurdly Cute Gifts That No One Could Resist

    Guaranteed giggles for under $20.

    1. This corgi calendar ($13).

    2. This shakin' breakfast power couple ($18).

    3. This ghost pad friend ($5).

    Get it here.

    4. These happy message-in-a-bottle pills (50 pieces for $3).

    Prescribe daily giggles to a friend. Get them here.

    5. These self-watering animal plants ($15).

    When the backpack plants get thirsty, their animal friends will drink some sips of water. This is delightful magic. Get it here.

    6. These congratulatory kitten note cards ($15).

    7. These hedgehog socks ($9.50).

    Available here.

    8. This memosaurus desk organizer ($9).

    T-rex was always aggressively cute. Just look at those tiny arms. Available here.

    9. These puffer fish dryer balls ($10.50).

    10. These baby and adult octopi ($14 and $20).

    Get them here.

    11. This cute gnome??? mug ($15).

    12. This alpaca pencil case ($15).

    13. These food pillows ($14).

    Pillow friends are the best kinds of friends. You can squeeze them as hard as you want and they won't croak. Buy them here.

    14. These sleepy sloth clips ($12).

    15. This sleepy red panda ($15).

    16. These box kitten sticky notes ($3).

    Instead of using your signature, use these. Get them here.

    17. This cookies and milk BFF necklace ($15).

    18. These animal pencil sharpeners ($12).

    Pencil sharpening is, sadly, a dying art. But with these cute guys, it won't be. Get them here.

    19. These epic unicorn vs. narwhal battle socks ($14).

    20. This coin kitty bank ($11).

    21. These retractable vitamin pens ($4).

    22. These marine animals ($1.50).

    Darlin' it's better, under the sea. Get them here.

    23. This kitten iPhone holder ($15).

    A cat that won't scratch. Get it here.

    24. This eggplant charm ($5).

    25. These FREE printable bookmarks.

    26. This animal mugs set ($15.50).

    27. This eggceptional kitchen knight ($15).

    Eating should always be this fun. Buy it here.

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