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26 Priceyish Things You Should Definitely Buy In Your Twenties

You'll thank yourself later.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best purchases they made in their twenties. Here are the savvy results.

1. A deliciously cozy mattress.

I bought a $400 4-inch memory foam mattress pad for my not-so-great mattress. That mattress pad CHANGED. MY. LIFE. My bed is now my favorite place on earth. It’s magical.


You can get a memory foam mattress pad to fix any crappy mattress here. Bonus: When you move, you don't have to take the mattress with you, only the pad. Or spring for a full-memory foam mattress from Casper.


4. A high-quality espresso and/or coffee machine.

When a small $15 part in my coffeemaker went bad, I bought a non-electric hand-press espresso maker for $200. I haven't purchased any café or Starbucks coffee since.

Hannah Elliott, Facebook

You can buy a non-electric hand-press espresso machine here ($177). Another great and affordable coffee and espresso machine can be found here ($30).

5. Tickets to wherever you want to go.

Fox / Via

Travel. I may not remember which version of the iPhone I had in 2015 but I will always remember getting bit by a lion (OK, it was a lion cub) on my adventures around the world.


If you're worried about plane tickets, see how you can score absurdly cheap tickets here.


9. A smaller, but versatile chef's knife.

A $100+ chef’s knife in the correct size. Shun makes a chef's knife that’s well-balanced, extremely sharp, and still small. Having the right-sized knife is a huge relief.


You can find one here ($100).


12. Concert tickets.

Thomas Hawk CC BY-NC / Via Flickr: thomashawk

Music festival tickets! As cliché as it sounds, going to Bonnaroo for the first time in 2009 changed my life in the most amazing way. No matter what your style, there is literally a festival for you. You're guaranteed to have an amazing time with thousands of your best friends.

Sara Elizabeth Denton, Facebook

14. Tattoos.

Антон Ковригин from Yellow Dog Tattoo / Via

MY TATTOOS! I have four total (spent about $1,500), and they truly represent who I am and I am just as much in love with them as the day I got them.

Michelle Kunkel, Facebook


15. A high-end laptop.

A high-end laptop. After years with a crappy, cheap desktop computer, it was the best and most long-lasting invest I could make in college.


If you can't afford the price of a MacBook ($900), look into getting a Chromebook ($160), which has great battery life and is perfect for carrying around.

17. A ~pricier~ car.

Paramount Pictures / Via

A pricier (used) car with lower miles. I dealt with my fair share of terrible cars and the difference in stress level is huge! Not to mention the money and time you actually do end up saving.


18. A really warm winter coat.

I'm 23 and poor AF but my coat is the winner. If you live any place where it drops below 40 degrees and snows, a solid, lightweight, warm, waterPROOF (not resistant) coat is worth all of the dollar bills. Spend the money on the coat.


You can find a sweet coat here ($110).


19. An electric hair-trimmer kit.

Over 15 years ago I bought a really good quality electric hair trimmer kit for around $200, then I learned to give myself a haircut, and I haven't had to spend a single cent at a barber shop since. I must have saved myself over $600 since then.

Kirk Lamirande, Facebook

You can find a really good one here ($22).

21. Shopping sprees.

Touchstone Pictures / Via AMOVIEDIARY.TUMBLR.COM

After graduating college and getting a full-time job, I decided to treat myself to a shopping spree at H&M. Three hundred dollars and an extended wardrobe later, I have no regrets.



23. A three-in-one AC, dehumidifier, and fan.

I live in a loft in Canada and I gotta say: my three-in-one fan/dehumidifier/AC was a little over $180 and has paid for itself. Major money saver in the long run.


Available here ($400).


Responses have been edited for length and clarity.