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26 Ways You're Not Using Your Microwave To Its Full Potential

It's not just for frozen meals.

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1. Get delicious bacon by cooking it in layers of paper towels or by draping pieces over a microwave-safe bowl.,

The first method results in almost no clean-up, whereas the second method gives you a lot of grease that you can use for other recipes. And if these aren't good enough, there's always the power crisp bacon rack ($18).

2. Steam all your veggies in steamer bags or by placing them in some water and covering.


3. If you want something that'll easily cook pasta and rice in the microwave, try these appliances.,

Fasta Pasta takes about 12 minutes for one serving and the rice steamer takes about 14 minutes.

Get the pasta maker here ($15) and the rice steamer here ($15).

4. Make your eggs scrambled, poached, hard-boiled, and even fried.

Poaching eggs in the microwave is so much easier than doing it on the stove. For poached eggs and fried eggs, make sure to poke the yokes first before microwaving. See how to satisfy all your creggings here.

5. Pop popcorn in any paper bag.

6. While you'll never get the same texture as bread made in the oven, you can make gluten-free bread in 90 seconds.[[rssitem_title]],

Just pour the mixture in a sandwich storage container ($7) and heat it up for 90 seconds.

Or, if you don't want gluten-free bread, you can make delicious English muffins in the microwave. It'll take about an hour and a half for the dough to rise, but only seven minutes to cook. See how to do it here.

For even easier bread making, try this silicone bread maker ($27).


8. Or make potato chips by slicing potatoes really thin with a mandolin.

You need to soak and dry the slices before microwaving. Full instructions here. If you don't know what a mandolin is, you can get one here ($20).

9. When heating up leftover rice, pasta, and dry breads, cover them with a damp paper towel to retain moisture.

10. Cook corn-on-the-cob easily and mess-free in just four minutes.


15. Make a whole loaf of banana bread in the microwave.


21. Make healthy toppings for your oatmeal like dried fruits and toasted coconut.

22. Get fancy by steaming fish with sriracha mayonnaise.


23. For a romantic way to treat yourself, roast some garlic.

It's actually steamed garlic but it achieves almost the same flavor as roasted garlic. See how to do it here.

24. You can definitely cook potatoes, squash, and other thick-skinned foods in the microwave, but poke them first.,

For potatoes, you'll want to poke them before you pop them in the microwave. For squash, microwave for 10–12 minutes, and then poke before thoroughly cooking.

26. To get A+ results, convert recipe times to match your microwave power.

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Most recipes rely on a one wattage (1,100 watts) microwave. If you know yours is higher (for example 1300 watts), you can change to cooking times to get the same results. Here's the equation: (recipe watts / your microwave watts) * recipe time in seconds = the new time! Or, if you don't want to do the math, you can use this site.


Finally, if your current microwave is a filthy cesspool, then maybe it's time to upgrade.

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