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17 Products For People Who Can't Live A Day Without Saying "Fuck"

Express yourself with your favorite word seven days of the week.

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Mollie Shafer-Schweig / Buzzfeed

1. This luxury soap to pamper yourself with every morning.

2. This hat.

3. This cleverly camouflaged shirt.

4. This fucktastic shirt.

5. These necklaces.

6. This canvas bag.

7. These socks that reveal a hidden message.

8. This salty shirt.

9. This clutch.

10. This charming bangle.

11. These flats.

12. These fed-up socks.

13. This tank.

14. This churlish belt.

15. These insistent socks.

16. This embroidered collar shirt.

17. This tote to add to your collection of other fucking totes.