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27 Products For People Who Love Food More Than You

But nothing beats giving them your Seamless account info.

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1. This cake pan that has a taste-test portion for the person who can't resist taking a bite before coming to the party.

But depending on the person, they might just bring you the bite-sized piece.

Get it from Amazon for $40.


5. This year-round, anytime-you-want, s'mores maker.

The best part of camping minus the cold, the bugs, the lurking animals, and the finite supply of marshmallows.

Get it from Amazon for $23.


11. This hot cheese gun that squeezes to the sound of real love.

Facebook: fondoodler, Facebook: buzzfeedtasty

It's designed to fit cheese sticks and shredded cheese, but you can also cram slices of cheese into the gun and it's easy to wash! Make the world your cheesy oyster.

(PSST: We make money if you buy this crazy thing!)

Get it from Fondoodler for $25.

13. This mini grill, press, and griddle that cooks enough food for a person who hates sharing to also share food with you.

14. These minuscule jars of the greatest gift to the world, Nutella.

This way, if you finish the entire jar in one sitting, you won't feel as guilty.

Get a pack of 16 from Amazon for $28.


20. This dangerously large coffee cup that makes my head explode just by looking at it.

21. This non-electric, eco-friendly slow cooker that gets donated to a family in need every time *you* purchase one.


28. These collapsible chopsticks that make sure you're always prepared to eat.


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