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    Aug 3, 2015

    26 Strikingly Unconventional Body Piercings To Try

    Graze the surface of your skin with these microdermals.

    1. The back of your neck.

    2. The base of your thumb.

    3. In a line on your neck.

    4. An angel bite on your nape.

    5. Between your breasts.

    6. Right below your eyelid.

    7. Your wrists.

    8. A single sternum piercing.

    9. Sternum piercings work for dudes too.

    10. Lower back bites.

    11. On your finger.

    12. Your ankles.

    13. Adorn your clavicle.

    14. At the top of your cheekbone.

    15. Or your hip.

    16. So much hip action.

    17. Below your ear.

    18. On one side of your collarbone.

    19. In the center of a tattoo.

    20. Clavicle piercings just complement facial ones so well.

    21. Forearms are ripe for piercing adventures.

    22. Accent your beautiful cheek bones.

    23. Go wild with your arms.

    24. Get three in a row!

    25. Go lower on your chest.

    26. Make it symmetrical.

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