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29 Awkward Situations That All Sweaty People Will Totally Get

Even my sweat is sweating!

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3. When this is your bed in the morning.

4. And this is how many products you incorporate into your morning routine:

I have to wear all of these...daily #sweatypeopleproblems


7. And yet people still feel the need to point it out.

8. At least you have interesting sweat stains.


Hey, it takes skill to flash the Bat-Signal.

10. Whenever you're asked to meet new people:

Because these are your hands:

"Oh sorry, I just came out of the bathroom and there weren't any more paper towels."


12. Because magazines that idolize sweaty as the new sexy are very wrong.

13. When you work out, you secrete your juices over everything.

Like yoga, where you sweat onto other people's mats.

14. When your thighs stick to everything.

When your thigh sticks to the seat <<<<

Sweaty + human skin + leather seats = hell.

15. When people don't understand your relationship with your fan.

16. When you sit down but your butt leaves a stain.

17. When your makeup looks like clown tears.

There's really no point.


21. And summers make that perfectly valid.

22. Because in the winter, there is no excuse.

You'd think the cold weather would stop me from sweating. Nope. Nothing does. #sweatygirlproblems

23. When people tell you to wear white because it's supposed to hide your sweat.

24. When you rest for a moment and you end up dripping over everything.

25. When there are actually people who wear sweat extremely well.

So much sweat, but couldn't resist snapping a selfie with the crowd of Vietnam. 💕 You are all so amazing!

26. When you're moshing and you just get used to the taste of other people's sweat.

*flicking sweat on crowd* "take this home with ya"

28. So you just smile through the sweat stains like it's nbd.

And you look fantastic.

29. Because you are one sweaty boss and this is your daily motto:

Thumbnail image courtesy of Fameflynet Pictures.