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    27 Sweary Products You Need If You're A Fucking Professional

    Make yourself very NSFW.

    1. This laptop sleeve.

    2. This patch that shows how much better you are than your co-workers.

    3. This perfect little pad to record your shittiest (or slickest) thoughts.

    4. This pencil and pen holder.

    5. This bag that says "work is shit" in French.

    6. These metallic pencils that'll incentivize you to finish your work with sparks.

    7. This offensively radiant mouse pad that you can color.

    8. These embellished name plates.

    9. These astonishingly honest adhesive tags.

    10. This notepad that figures out the shit you're going to convince your co-workers to do for you.

    11. This mug that knows exactly how to fucking motivate you.

    "Love your fucking job. Seek fucking criticism. Change your fucking routine. Carve your own fucking path. Make a fucking difference. Learn to fucking improvise. Be fucking bold. Get up fucking early. Fucking risk everything. Fail, fail, and fucking fail again."

    12. This desk calendar that swears for you through cat lingo.

    13. This shit list of offenders.

    14. This self-inking stamp that'll keep pesky co-workers from bothering you.

    15. These assorted beats that add some cheeky color to your desk.

    16. This notebook that'll let you sort through your thoughts in peace.

    17. This totally simple and uplifting calendar.

    18. This sign that's truth will never make you see a calendar the same way again.

    19. This dainty pin that you can put on anything you want to be left alone.

    20. These alphabet gummies that you can use to leave profane messages for others.

    21. This pen that gets your title right.

    22. This sticky notepad that says it all.

    23. These delicately vulgar stickers.

    24. These parking cards that point our your co-workers' atrocious violations.

    25. This stamp that lets you call out everyone's BS.

    26. This journal that you can hide behind at meetings, shaking your head at everyone else's ineptitude.

    27. And finally, if you don't want to do any talking, here's this sweariodic table that'll curse for you in 103 ways.