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    19 Songs That Will Wash Away All Your Stress

    Inhale, close your eyes, and press play.

    1. Alina Baraz, Galimatias, "Fantasy"

    Ahh, can you hear the waves...feel the sand? This song will bring you to your paradise. The rest of her album is just as dreamy, which you can listen to here.

    2. London Grammar, "Shyer"

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    There has never been a more heavenly voice than that of Hannah Reid's. She's the angel in Disclosure's "Help Me Lose My Mind."

    3. Giraffage, "Feels"

    Magical kaleidoscopes. See the colors swirl before your eyes.

    4. Tokimonsta, "Smoke & Mirrors"

    By smoke, Tokimonsta actually means pillowy clouds that will cushion your stressed-out mind.

    5. Flying Lotus, "Coronus, the Terminator"

    Bells and rain. Do you hear the gold? The gold steps leading to heaven? As a bonus, watch his live visuals to accommodate your soul-cation.

    6. Slow Magic, "Feel Flows"

    Slowww trip.

    7. Caribou, "Silver"

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    For the relaxed and slightly ~blazed~ mind. Dan Snaith has a PhD in mathematics, so, like, he knows the complicated formulas of writing a song that perfectly loosens any tightness in your body.

    8. Mura Mura, "Your Bones"

    This raw simplicity is stunning. How can this artist only be 18?!

    9. Beach House, "Walk in the Park"

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    10. The Japanese House, "Teeth"

    Anything but teeth-related, this song will take you back to lazy summers chilling with bae.

    11. Tomas Barfod, Nina K., "Aftermath"

    A stringed lullaby with all the feels. Somehow the Swedes know how to do everything right.

    12. Wet, "Deadwater"

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    Kelly Zutrau's vocals are like cotton candy...light, nostalgic, and perfectly sweet. Also, Brooklyn band alert.

    13. Shlohmo, "Places"

    Close your eyes and just let your head bob along.

    14. Le Loyon, "Kimekai"

    This is what a picnic in the galaxy would sound like.

    15. Nitin Sawhmeny, "DayDream"

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    Shavasana please.

    16. Garth Stevenson, "Flying"

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    Go back to being a kid when you envisioned yourself flying across oceans.

    17. Jack Garratt, "The Love You're Given"

    This song will unwind your heart, take out any broken parts, and weave it back together anew.

    18. Rhye, "Woman"

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    Singer Milosh's falsetto is unearthly. It will make your skin tingle. Now, excuse me while I lay down and bathe in his voice.

    19. Hundred Waters, "Show Me Love"

    Love for your soul.

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