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We Bet You Can't Get Through This Post Without Smiling

Future smiles on your bedroom wall.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. Buzzfeed readers, you get an extra 10% off on all Society6 posters!

1. "Here Comes The Sun" by I Love Doodle

Here combs the sun.

Get it here for $23.

2. "Pugtato" by Sophie Corrigan

For the person who sends you pictures of dogs shaped like bagels.

Get it here for $23.

3. "It's OK" by Rubytec

For the person who loves hugs.

Get it here for $18.

4. "Cat-tus" by Derek Eads

For the person who adores prickly creatures.

Get it here for $15.

5. "Everyone Poops" by I Love Doodle

For your favorite pooper.

Get it here for $23.

6. "Pug Yoga" by Haebucket

For leisurely yoga inspiration.

Get it here for $23.

7. "Molar Bear" by Zach Terrell

For anyone with a cold molar.

Get it here for $17.

8. "We can fly!" by Jay Fleck

For dreamers.

Get it here for $17.

9. "Belly Rub" by Jay Fleck

For the person who bathes in the sun 24/7.

Get it here for $18.

10. "Streaker" by Terry Fan

For the person who never wears pants.

Get it here for $18.

11. "Lil' Soap" by Jessica Fink

For anyone who likes it a little dirty.

Get it here for $15.

12. "Moon Hug" by Carbine

For your favorite friend.

Get it here for $18.

13. "Whale Balloons" by William McDonald

For the person who keeps you anchored.

Get it here for $19.

14. "Ice Cube Problems" by Alba Ricoque

For ice-water enthusiasts.

Get it here for $15.

15. "Bless You" by EARTh

For chyou!!

Get it here for $18.

16. "Crunches" by Naolito

For workout motivation.

Get it here for $16.

17. "Natural Light" by SpazioC

For the person who has bright ideas.

Get it here for $15.

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