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Here's Why Showering Is Actually The Worst

It's an abomination to nature.

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Yeah, sure, OK, showering is hygienic and socially appropriate and whatever.

But for some of us, it can also be an annoying time-suck filled with all sorts of unmentionable horrors. Here are a few them...

1. In the summer, showering is a pathetic attempt to clean your body.

I can't even get out of the bathroom after showering without sweating #hot #summer #FML #problems

2. And during the winter, showering is a polar vortex death wish.

I hate showering when its cold

3. The water temperatures are secretly out to get you.

Exactly why I hate showering😐

4. Nothing is more atrocious than getting soap in your eyes.

Fox / Via

"Hello, bloodshot eyes, I definitely wanted to come into work looking like this today."

5. Showering is the devil's way of tricking you into an ~accidental~ death.

I hate taking showers in this weather cause like.. What if I'm showering then the lights go out and..

6. You're also completely defenseless against serial killers.

“@SoMercedes_: 😳hate showering while nobody here. I always have a fear somebody gone snatch me out the shower&get me”

7. Dragging your entire body into the shower is a lot of unnecessary work.

8. Sinks do a better job every time.

Too lazy to go inside the shower... Took a bath on the sink

9. The only things you need to wash consistently are your hands and feet.

When your too lazy to shower but your feet are dirty

OK, not really, but why waste a whole shower when that's really all that's dirty?

10. Showers are a waste of the time you could be sleeping.

AlohaChris808 : I need this... When I feel tired but too lazy to shower …

But if these were a thing...

11. And using all that water on just yourself cannot be good for the planet.

12. Co-showering is better for the environment...but not necessarily a thing you want to do.

When ur too lazy to get up and take a shower so u ask ur friend squid ward to come over and help

13. There's just no need to do it yourself when getting a haircut involves hair washing and HEAD MASSAGES.

“@Haileywoolworth: when youre a hairdresser af, youre welcome @blakeberk ” when ur too lazy to shower

14. Don't pools actually exist for communal body washing?

15. Even when you absolutely have to, it's too damn tiring to shower after working out.

But I mean not to sound nasty but I'm too lazy to go in the shower rn, gym got me like 🙌🙇💪😑😩

You can just rest, get dry, and pretend like that sweat sesh never even happened.

It's time we protest society's standards of personal hygiene and smash the showerarchy!!!!!!

Except, you know, when you're actually really dirty and need to get clean. Because, germs.

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