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31 Ingenious Products You Need For Better Sleeping

Make sweet love to your bed.

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1. This sleep system that wakes you up with the perfect amount of light and sound.


It adapts to your sleep patterns in real time, senses your heart rate and breathing, and scans the room for noise, light, and temperature. Talk about brilliant. Available here.

9. This heated massage pillow.


It incorporates shiatsu or finger-pressure massage, which is a Japanese style of physiotherapy. So basically the feeling of hot yoga without contorting your body. Get it here.

11. These smart bulbs that help you fall asleep and wake up on schedule.

Most bulbs emit short wavelength blue light, which delays melatonin. Melatonin is what your body produces to help you go to sleep. One bulb has a low blue comfort light that helps your body produce more melatonin before you intend to sleep and the other bulb helps your body produce less when you plan to wake. Get it here.

22. A system that monitors temperature, humidity, noise, and light.


You attach the smaller device to your pillow, which tracks your sleep at night, allowing you to make the right adjustments to your sleeping environment. Buy it here.

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