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23 Easy Ways To Turn Your Room Into A Cosmic Getaway

Sleep under the stars every night.

1. Hang curtains overhead from the ceiling to the wall and down to the floor.

2. Or, you can get a similar effect using nails and a hammer.

3. Use copper pipes and wooden poles for a clean, elegant look.

4. Attach tulle fabric to a light fixture, like a chandelier.

5. Or, use a curved rod to create charming corner canopies.

6. Hang it loosely over the ceiling with dowels and ribbons.

7. And if you don't want to do anything, you can literally just thumbtack sheer curtains to the ceiling.

8. Firefly lights will make your canopy enchantingly ethereal.

9. Big bulb string lights will give your canopy a more homey feel.

10. A galaxy tapestry that either be part of the canopy or a compelling backdrop.

11. A crescent moon mirror will let you stare back at the little galaxy in your room.

12. A nebula night light will give your space an additional glow.

13. Dome-shaped glow-the-dark decals give a 3D effect.

14. A simple sun catcher with geometric shapes will bring some cosmic light into your room.

15. For a canopy with a little flourishes, try ombre-dyed curtains.

16. Hang tassels to give your canopy a unique flair.

17. Add phases-of-the-moon removable wallpaper.

18. Or a complete map of the stars wallpaper that'll make you a constellation expert in no time.

19. A whimsical moon light to hang as a centerpiece to your canopy.

20. Add a half moon planter that might beam in the moonlight.

21. Hang astronomical art prints that'll make you feel so small, yet so loved.

22. Set up this glow-in-the-dark canopy that might even give you astral vision.

23. And of course, wear galaxy panties that'll match your canopy as you sleep under the stars.

✨Sweet Dreams ✨

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