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21 Eye Makeup Tips Beginners Secretly Want To Know

So you don't always have to wing it.

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4. Similarly, give your eyes a lift by applying illuminator just above the brow.

The highlighter will help to draw attention to the highest point of the brow, thus making it look like you got an "eye lift."

Any illuminating stick will work, but if you don't have one, the L'Oreal Lumi highlighter is a great, cheap option ($6).

5. For easy eyeliner application, dot your lashes and connect them with a brush to create an even stroke.

If you don't have a great brush, try a gel eyeliner with an angled brush for greater accuracy.

For an inexpensive liner and smudger, try this double-sided pencil for $5.


8. Make the shape look different by only outlining certain areas:

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There's no right way to do your eyeliner — play around with it, because eyeliner sets the boundaries of your eyes. You can alter your natural eye shape with eyeliner. If your eyes are close-set, you can give the illusion of them being farther apart by applying eyeliner to only the outside corners.

11. If you want a smokier look, smudge some black base shadow over your lids and put your colored eyeshadow over top. Remember to blend!

This LA Girl Black Base is a steal at $3.69, but if you don't want to buy anything, you can also use your regular black eyeliner. Just apply it over your lids and use a buffing brush to blend it in with your other eyeshadow colors.


15. If your eyes are red, add an eyeliner with a blue undertone to highlight the whites in your eyes.

Add a navy blue eyeliner to your top lash and a light blue pencil to your waterline to really cut the redness in your eyes. Learn more here.

For a navy blue liner, try Prestige Liquid Liner in Azure ($9), and for a light blue pencil, try Origins Eye Brightening Color Stick ($18).


17. For an easy ombré liner, use three liners from the same gradient color group and apply them horizontally.

Just be sure to not overblend the three different shades. For more detailed steps, go here.

If you want a gorgeous set of eyeliners in the same color family, try this 30-piece pencil set ($14).