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    Posted on Jan 3, 2016

    17 Small Shopping Habits To Pick Up That'll Save You Money

    Make saving your favorite.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community what little tricks they use to save money. Here are some of the best responses about how to shop smart:


    1. Take out however much cash you want to spend BEFORE you go shopping.

    "Before I go shopping, I get all the money I'm allowing myself to spend in cash. That way when it comes to checkout I absolutely can't spend more than I've allotted."


    2. Invest in high-quality and long-lasting appliances.

    David CC BY-ND 2.0

    "Buy things that are good quality to begin with, so you're not replacing them constantly. For example, most of my kitchen odds and ends are all either family hand-me-downs or stuff I've found at antique stores, so they definitely last.

    If you insist on having new dishware, try Corelle. Dishwasher safe, break resistant with a three-year warranty, and not that expensive."

    -Renee Heitman, Facebook.

    3. Don't buy Tupperware: Instead, use the plastic containers you already get from the store.

    The Typical Mom / Via

    "For plasticware: Don't buy it. Save your containers you get via grocery. Cottage cheese tub? Wash it. Big Noosa container? Wash it. Use it for leftovers, use it for your freezing, etc, but don't buy any plasticware crap."

    Renee Heitman, Facebook

    Read more at The Typical Mom.

    4. Use Shopkick, an app that'll help you score gift cards to your favorite stores.

    "When you walk into certain stores and open the app, you get 'kicks.' You can scan items to get more kicks and after you get enough, you get gift cards for the store or item of your choosing, like Target, Sephora, GameStop, and Best Buy."


    Download the app here.

    5. When shopping online, use cash-back services.

    "I use and Bing also has a nice rewards program. However much you spend, you end up getting points for it. I used some of my points to get Sephora gift cards. I believe Google has a similar program."


    Read more about these at The Budget Mama.

    6. Hack your coffee order.

    "Instead of buying lattes as Starbucks, I order a brewed coffee with a pump of whatever syrup is in the drink. It ends up tasting the same for about $2 instead of closer to five."


    See some other cheaper Starbucks hacks here.

    7. Stop spending money on "binge food."

    MTV / Via

    "I rarely buy 'binge food,' the food that I know I'll just eat all in one night or really quickly if I have it in the cupboard. It's usually more expensive and less healthy."


    Check out a list of homemade healthy-ish snacks here.

    8. Get creative with the number of ways you can re-wear your wardrobe.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    "To stop myself spending so much on clothes, I keep a diary of outfits I've worn and try to aim for a different outfit every day for a month. It makes me realize how much potential my wardrobe has instead of buying new stuff just because I'm bored with what's in there."


    9. Only buy something that you'll use as many times as the dollar amount it costs.

    "If I'm debating on whether or not to buy, say, a shirt or pair of jeans, I ask myself if I will wear that item as many times as it costs. So if a shirt is $30, if I don't think I will wear it at least 30 times, I will not buy it."


    10. Grocery shop from least expensive to most expensive store.

    Braulio Amado / Via

    "I navigate my shopping trips from least expensive to most expensive store so that I can get it for less before I pay more than I need to."


    11. Match the coupons you get from a newspaper subscription to get BOGOs.

    "Get a Sunday newspaper subscription for $10 annually. It pays for itself in a week of coupons. I match the coupons with BOGOs (Publix FTW!) and it really adds up! The best coupons are usually on new items so you have to be willing to try different brands."


    12. Use eyeshadow for eyeliner.

    "I use black eyeshadow that already comes in a palette for eyeliner. I use an angled brush and I haven't bought eyeliner in years! I used to spend at least $50 a year, so it adds up to something!"


    Check out a tutorial here.

    13. Start using cash-back credit cards.

    "Earning 5% on purchases on Amazon or at the gas station really adds up quickly. If you pay the credit card off every month, you are literally just paying yourself to make purchases you'd probably be making anyways."


    Find out which one's best for you here.

    14. Switch to cloth diapers.

    "If you are a parent with a baby and are dreading the costs for the first year, you should consider giving cloth diapers a try. A full supply of cloth (about 24 diapers) will cost you anywhere between $200 to $700 depending on the method you choose and the brand you prefer. If you take proper care of them you can use them for up to four years and for multiple children."


    Learn more about cloth diapers here, and you can buy some here.

    15. Stop buying expensive cleaning supplies.

    "I use vinegar and baking soda to do a lot of my cleaning. Both natural, no/little odor, and dirt cheap."


    Learn how to clean your drain with these two ingredients here.

    16. Download the 5miles app, which is like a non-sketchy version of Craigslist.

    "The 5miles app is a great way to sell old items AND to buy new things at a fraction of the cost they would be retail."


    17. Stop buying alcohol.

    NBC / Via

    "I stopped drinking entirely and I saved so much money. Oh also, I dumped the deadbeat loser boyfriend who was taking all my money. Now I'm rich and he lives outta his new girlfriend's car."


    Answers have been edited for length and clarity.

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